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FallenSteel - Giant Alien Mecha

Fallen Steel is my graduation project from Supinfogame, France. It was developped in 9 months by 7 students in Unreal Engine 4.

One of my main tasks was the design and modelisation of the giant alien mecha that could be found in various part of the city.
The design was inspired by various insects and the human hand, to evoke its behaviour of creeping through and infest the city.

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In-engine render of the mecha, with human characters for scale

FallenSteel Trailer

Adriel beaver 16 03 21 big hub 002
Adriel beaver 88e12a32231053 5775dbf647eaa

One of the mechas infesting the city

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One of the mechas infesting the city, plus several in the background

Adriel beaver hadrien channac highresscreenshot001354

Part of the web-like cables covering the city and their attach pods